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Golf Betting & Odds | Bet on Golf Online

Online golf betting is now popular among gambling fans all over India. FairPlay has its fair share of golf enthusiasts looking for new ways to make money online from betting on their favorite sport.

Golf is primarily considered an elite sport and a hallmark of the business world. This game can only be played through high precision and concentration. Most recreational golf gambling fanatics are eager to find golf tips, odds, predictions, and picks. This explains why most players prefer golf bets today. Finding a good sportsbook for golf betting online in India is pretty daunting. Nonetheless, FairPlay is the best betting platform choice for you because it covers the most popular championships, tournaments, and events. Furthermore, our platform provides more significant benefits, including multiple betting options, live game bets, odd boosts, and lucrative bonuses. It is only best for our customers to understand why we offer the best golf bets.

How to Bet on Golf Online

FairPlay offers its players a wide selection of matches and options for placing golf bets today. Depending on their analysis and preferences, players can bet online or on "live” games. Each of these game options has varying odds that our analysis team has compiled. Players can also choose their odd format to understand online golf betting.

Our game selection also covers many games from all over the world, including major international competitions and local matches. When golf betting online, you must understand how the tournaments are played. Golf competitions are broken down into three phases for quality golf gambling: qualifying, group play, and the final round. The tour is the basis of competition in golf, where many players assemble in one location to compete for a few days.

The objective is to complete the golf course with the lowest strokes. The player with the lowest stroke score is declared the winner and gets a large portion of the purse money. Other golfers who performed exceptionally might earn part of the overall purse depending on the placement after the four days.

The golf scoring framework is called the par, a predetermined number of strokes an individual will use to complete a hole. Players expect to be the lowest-par teams showing that they outperformed the anticipated mark by the most strokes.

Golf Betting Odds

If you are scouting for the best golf bets, FairPlay is the place to be. Our experts provide odds for golf betting all year round. In addition, we have a team of professional sports analysts who monitor golf markets and odds to give you the best in the market.

Whether you are betting on the major championships like the US Open, the PGA Championship, the British Open, and The Masters, this is the only place you can get updated odds. Besides the international markets, you can also bet on local tournaments within India. Register on fairplay and Go through the odd selections by FairPlay and make a selection for golf betting online.

Each-way odds

Each-way odds allow players to bet on a player to win a tournament and finish at a specific standing. In simple terms, it is placing two golf betting wagers with separate payouts.

Head-to-head and three-way odds

Instead of betting on a single player against the entire field, you can bet on one player against another in head-to-head betting odds. This bet is like a Moneyline, and odds will be set on each player to finish in the higher position.

Bet On Golf Tournaments and Leagues

To understand golf betting online, know the four crème de la crème events. These are the biggest tourneys that players can win big when they bet. Bookmakers, including FairPlay, tend to pay out on such events making it crucial for players to find the best golf bets and odds.

The Masters

The Masters at Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia is the first major played every season. Winners get a green jacket— one of the most sought-after golf prizes. In addition, this is one of the best tournaments for golf gambling enthusiasts online.

The US Opens

The US Open championship is the second biggest golf tournament in the year. This league attracts many players because it is challenging, and golfers rarely achieve low scores. This means that the scores are always close between leaders. So this is a big game for us at FairPlay, including our golf betting customers.

British Open

British Open Golf Betting is among the most popular golf tournaments that people can bet on. This is the oldest tournament and also the only one in Britain. You can bet on this game to achieve your dreams of winning. Since its inception, this Open has been hosted 14 times, with its home being in St. Andrews, Scotland, where it has been hosted 28 times. FairPlay allows fans to bet on this tournament and win from the incredible odds we provide for every market.

USA PGA championship

The USA PGA championship is the last major championship of the year. This tournament is different from the rest in terms of qualification.

Golf Betting Tips

Be cautious about backing new players to the Tour

Regardless of your expectations, it is worthwhile to avoid betting on golfers that have not won any Tour. This is one of the crucial golf betting tips beginners should stick to. These players are under immense pressure to win an event, keep their cards, and stay on the Tour circuit.

Spread your risk through each-way betting

Instead of betting on one golfer to win directly, consider the each-way market to give you part of your winning odds even if your selections finished in the top five or six. This is one of the tips every beginner golfer should remember.

Consider the golfers' form

Check their recent form to know how good they are before you bet on the best golfers in a tournament. If their recent finishes have been less motivating, you could read further to understand why their performance is diminishing.

Study the attributes needed to survive a course

One of the most underrated golf betting tips is learning player attributes. Some player attributes can fit a particular course. For example, a narrow course full of trees in the fairways requires more accuracy. Fields with expansive fairways could offer more range for the big-hitters. Windy courses may also require players to be very accurate at hitting hard shots with low ball flights.


Online Golf Betting is the in thing among Indian gambling fans. If you are a golf enthusiast keen on golf betting in India, the above tips will help the cause. Also, with a safe and exciting platform like Fairplay, you can never go wrong with golf betting in India.



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