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Live Football Betting

Nowadays, betting and predictions have immensely grown in popularity. According to gamesters, the first prize pool bets appeared in the early 18th century, but back then, it was not betting on football! Football first appeared in the 19th century and was quite similar to what we know today. Later, with strict rules and clear and precise roles for each player, football became the world's number one sport.

FairPlay's club will provide you with a numerous range of sports betting, including betting on football online on the betting app. And if you are the one who's looking to bet on football online, we will help you to choose the right strategy for football live betting while reducing the risk of losing money.

How To Bet On Football Online?

Let us learn some general strategies and techniques for live football betting strategy and find out what types of bets exist. Here are the types of bets:

1X2: It is the most popular type of live football betting online. The quintessence of it is to predict the result of the match. As there are matches, there will be a winner, but the odds are at a low level. For instance, no competitor will bet at the odds of 1.20 as the lower limit of the bet is 1.50.

Double Chance: Double chance is the type of online football betting in which the victory of one team is guaranteed with a draw in case of failure. One of the most common mistakes of the new and inexperienced bettors is that they add 1X or 2X bets to the coupon with the odds of 1.10-1.19

Total: This bet on football online determines the number of goals, red cards, and the other scores of the matches. The Total bet comprises two different theories; the fans of the "more" option consider this bet as one of the safest, while few bettors choose the "less" option, hoping the team will not score even a single goal. Here you should always ensure that you are not tempted by odds below 1.70.

Handicap: Most punters or gamblers offer two types of handicaps: Asian and European. The number of probable outcomes is reduced to two instead of three. It makes sense to place a bet online in a situation where you have enough information that the match's clear favourite cannot defeat the opponent.

Exact Score: With the rational use of funds, you get an excellent opportunity to make a more significant profit as the odds of winning for such events are relatively high. The score recommended by experts is 1:1 or 0:0 as these are the most frequent outcomes of the matches. According to statistics, approximately 20% of all games have the same results.

Parlay: This is the most complex type of online football betting for many matches. If the prediction is 100% accurate, you can win the bet. However, the punter loses money if at least one chance in the express is lost.

System: A system is the combination of several parlay bets. The amount on the system bet is evenly distributed between the parlay bets. The first is the number of events in each parlay, while the second number in the system bet is the number of outcomes.

Know More About Live Football Betting

There are two types of football betting: pre-match and live betting. In pre-match, the bet is placed at the beginning of the sporting event, and in live betting, the bet is made during the event.

Live betting has gained immense popularity as there are higher chances of you making a correct prediction. During the live match, you can watch the teams playing live, which helps you analyze the situation accurately on the field before placing a bet.

Only during football betting online, the odds for your favourite to win become higher for an outsider or vice versa. This is not only due to a single goal scored but also to injury of the players, general condition of the team, or weather conditions. As a leading football betting sites, FairPlay provide complete details, and you can also explore our football betting app to keep yourself updated.

Football Betting Live Odds

Football Betting Odds are a live multiplier that expresses the probability of a specific event occurring in matches including the gambler's margin. These odds help the players by making them aware of the potential winnings on the bet which they can avail. Here are the main types of odds used in online betting:

Decimal Odds: The decimal coefficient is common in Europe and some Asian countries. You can determine the possible payout amount by multiplying the decimal odds with the bet amount.

Fractional Odds: Also known as British odds, this odd is commonly used by punters or gamblers in the UK and some other countries. It is the ratio of the amount of net profit to the amount you decided as a return profit. For instance, 6/4 fractional odds tell the player that for every 4 INR bet, the net profit is 6 INR if the bet wins.

American Odds: American odds are of two types: positive and negative. The positive odds are the professional net income for online football betting. For instance, a coefficient of +140 means that for every 100 INR, you can get 140 INR of profit. The negative American odds value is the amount of money you need to wager to win the online foot betting tournament.

Online Football Betting Tips

For placing a successful bet on football online, we present you with the best football betting tips.

Never Give Up: Every game should be filled with fun and entertainment and should not be stressful. There are chances that your first online betting leads to a loss. It would be best if you made yourself prepared that winning will not happen immediately.

Gamble with caution: Many punters strive to make the most of their money by placing bets. Experienced gamblers always advise you to bet on the amount you can bear if there is a loss without much regret. Unfortunately, the second mistake of most gamblers is that they increase the amount of betting after winning. This, in turn, will make them lose all the money very quickly.

Understand the terminology: Any game has a basic set of rules, terms and concepts you need to be aware of to win the online bet. Odds are also a significant concept that you should be mindful of. If the odds are overvalued, it can lead to losses.

Understand how football betting works: When choosing a match, you must decide on the amount you will place a bet on. A newbie needs to understand the logic of betting and analyze the bet. The betting app provides all the necessary information.

FairPlay: India's #1 Live Football Betting Site

At FairPlay's live football betting site, you can get enough information to place your bet without much risk. Additionally, you can also use our betting app to keep yourself updated. So go ahead, select a football match and place a bet! But, first, let's look at football leagues and Competitions:

UEFA Champions League: The annual club football competition organized by the Union of European Football Associations and contested by top-division European clubs.

English Championship: It is the highest division of the English Football league system after the premier league. The 24 clubs conduct this league.

Spanish La Liga: It is the top professional football division of the Spanish football league, and it is commonly known as the Primera Division in Spain and La Liga in English-speaking countries.

Italian Serie A: The Serie A is a professional league competition for football clubs located at the top of the Italian football league system.

Italian Serie B: The Serie B, also known as the Serie BKT, is the second-highest division of the Italian football league after Serie A. It has been operating since the 1929-30 season.

Belgian First Division A: The Belgian First Division A, Belgium pro league, has been the top league competition since the 2015-16 season.

French Ligue 1: Officially known as League 1, it is a French professional league for association football clubs. Above the French football league system, Ligue 1 is the country's primary football competition.

French Ligue 2: The French Ligue 2 is also known as 2 BKT as Balkrishna industries sponsor it. This league serves as the second division of football.

Portuguese Primeira Liga: The Premiere Liga, also known as the Portuguese Primeira Liga Bwin, for sponsorships. It is the top level of the football league system.

German Bundesliga 2: It is the second division of professional football in Germany. It is ranked below the Bundesliga and above the 3. Liga in the German league.

Turkish Super League: It is the Turkish professional league for association football clubs. The Turkish football federation runs it and is considered the top flight of the football league system.

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Make the most of exciting offers ever so often on Fairplay! Watch out for various bonus offers and exciting contests!


Make the most of exciting offers ever so often on Fairplay! Watch out for various bonus offers and exciting contests!

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