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Boxing Betting & Odds

Online boxing betting is popular in Indian online casinos, especially when there are major fights. The popularity can be attributed to the enormous fan base. Different options to place boxing bet online require different strategies. You have to understand the game before you make a favorable wager. At FairPlay, we offer the most competitive odds among the online casinos in India.

Boxing betting in online casinos offers flexibility since you can bet from anywhere. It’s an exciting game because you can also bet during a live game. However, some bookmakers don’t offer bets after the game has started. The game has different types of bets, increasing your winning chances. The best online boxing betting sites such as FairPlay offer great bonuses and promotions, including welcome and loyalty bonuses.

How to Bet on Boxing Fights Online

  • Choose a betting site - You have to get the best betting site to win money on boxing betting. Choose a licensed and safe site like FairPlay to avoid the risk of losing your money. A licensed site guarantees the safety and security of the personal data you provide when you sign up. Additionally, ensure the site is credible and offers competitive odds for big wins.
  • Sign up - Once you identify the site, you must create an account by providing your name, email, and other personal details. Ensure you provide truthful information since the site must verify through your email.
  • Make a Deposit - After you sign up, you must deposit funds before you start betting. Then, the site will provide you with payment options. In FairPlay, the payment modes include PayPal, Paytm, G pay, and Bitcoin.
  • Place a Bet - Identify the best bet and submit your wager. Ensure to choose the most favorable bet to enhance your chances of winning.

You can make different bets, including the outright winner bet, where you wager on one of the players to win. You can win this bet if you’re sure the fighter you’re backing up will win. In the total rounds bet, you bet whether the total number of rounds will go over or under a specific number. The number may vary from one site to another and is usually predetermined. In the method of victory bet, as the name suggests, you place the bet on the fighter who will win and how they will win. The method of victory can be a knockout, opponent retired, unanimous decision, split decision, and majority decision.

Boxing Betting Odds

Understanding the odds in online boxing betting is the first step toward betting money on boxing. Unlike other games, the odds are presented in money lines instead of fighter odds since they aren’t always whole numbers. The odds have a plus or minus sign. You must know what the signs mean to understand the boxing odds. The best boxing betting sites display the betting odds on their website, where bettors can access them. At FairPlay, we regularly check the odds to ensure we have the most competitive ones across the industry. The odds may appear as fractions or decimals or the most common American presentations.

Here are the basics for the American format

  • The minus (-) represents the favorite fighter, while the plus (+) represents the underdog.
  • The number with a minus is the amount you have to wager to win $100.
  • The number with a plus is the amount you win when you wager $100.

For instance, let’s say you have fighters A and B. The odds here could be presented as -A 280 vs. B +240. This means fighter A is the favorite while fighter B is the underdog. You have to wager $280 to win $100 on fighter A while you get $240 if you bet $100 for fighter B.

  • In the decimal form, the odds for fighter A are 2.8 to 1, while those for B are 2.4 to 1.
  • These odds can be presented as 28/1 for fighter A and 24/1 for fighter B in fractional form.

The odds are always presented before the fight, and some sites allow betting on live boxing matches

Boxing Tournaments and Leagues to Bet on

Punters can bet on various boxing events and leagues. Some occur during the Olympics involving men and women boxers in different weight categories. In addition, the world boxing games championships offer a great opportunity for live boxing betting on different markets.

The Indian Boxing Federation organizes different leagues and tournaments, and punters can find them on different boxing betting sites. In addition, India is a significant participant in domestic and global boxing events such as the Colombo SAF Games, the World Series, and the Summer Olympics. These leagues are a good source of money for bettors who understand the game. Therefore, we are always attentive to different boxing activities to ensure we have odds for the boxing events in India. This means we have various types of online boxing bets and boxing odds for you to choose from to enhance your winning chances.

Tips for Betting on Boxing

You can use some tips to enhance your winning chances in boxing betting. While they may not necessarily influence the outcome, they can guide you to make a favorable bet in live boxing betting. The following tips can help you, especially if you are a beginner.

  • Understand the fighter’s statistics in each fight for a complete analysis of the performances.
  • Have prior knowledge of the fighter’s style. For example, are they brawlers, punchers, or boxers?
  • Look at the fighter’s most recent outcomes and their weight category.
  • Check their current profiles for any developments such as injuries.
  • Know the presiding judges and their judgment history.
  • The boxing odds can also guide you when making a bet.

These tips can help you make the correct prediction. So, you can only use them when betting on boxing online and not influence the outcome. Ensure you study the players to understand their patterns. In case of an injury, the fighter may not perform their best even though they may be veterans. The outcomes in recent fights can help you determine the outcome, especially if it’s a tournament where the fighters need to progress to the next stage. You can reach out through our customer care for professional help with more tips and guidance.


The increased popularity of boxing in India has led to an increase in online boxing betting as well. If you are keen on online boxing betting, make sure you get a good idea about the sport first. The above article will certainly help the cause as it provides important tips and guidelines for beginners and boxing fans on how to go about things in the world of online boxing betting.



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