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Basketball Betting: How To Bet On Basketball

All basketball lovers in India are in for a treat at . Basketball betting is lucrative and entertaining for punters. Moreover, since the game is popular worldwide, there are many opportunities to make money online.

What’s even better is that we are not limited to placing wagers on the National Basketball Association (NBA) games.

Indian betting sites encourage us to bet on the UBA Pro Basketball League and college games. Such games include the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA Basketball) games, among many more.

Before betting on any basketball game online, it’s essential to understand how everything works. It’s easy to lose money online. However, it’s also easy to win big money on betting platforms.

Some people equate betting on basketball to football betting. Although there are a few similarities, basketball betting needs a different strategy. Basketball jargon is also very different from terms used in any other game.

So, how do we make a good bet on our favorite basketball game? First, know who’s playing, when, and where. New bettors, in particular, have to familiarize themselves with the little details to avoid hitting a dead end.

For example, knowing how long a basketball season lasts and the number of teams in one season is mandatory. Also, when does the season start? Making money on online basketball betting sites in India needs bettors to be on their toes.

The NBA league begins in late April. We have no business placing bets any time before that. Secondly, finding a credible betting platform makes everything easy and legit.

Before settling on any Indian casino or gaming platform, check the following:

  • Appropriate certification
  • Time of existence
  • Favorable terms and conditions
  • Customer review

There are several online betting platforms. However, not all of them are trustworthy. Rookies might find it difficult to establish who’s real and who’s not. Nonetheless, is a certified and accredited platform for all rookie and professional basketball bettors.

Fairplay: Basketball Betting Odds

Indian betting sites provide betting odds for punters to help us make better decisions while placing money bets. So, there’s no need to worry if this is the first time you are interacting with basketball betting odds. Leading bookmakers ensure they have the statistics right so we get the correct lines for the NBA or other basketball matches.

Here’s a look at NBA betting odds to get a faint idea of what odds are:

NBA Point Spread Odds

These are also known as the ‘spread.’ Sportsbooks choose this number to equalize the number of people betting on the underdog and the favorite basketball team.

NBA spreads have a negative value (-7.5). This odd means that the team has the upper hand by 7.5 points. A +7.5 means the underdog in the match gets the advantage before the game starts.

NBA Moneyline Odds

This odd indicates that the team we place a bet on must win. There’s no inclusion of a specific number of points, though. Like in the point spread, a negative value goes to the favorite team while a positive goes to the underdog.

NBA Total or Under/Over Odds

With this odd, oddsmakers estimate how many points both teams will score in total. The main aim of this odd is to get punters to put on money in equal measure.

The combined score of both teams can be under or over the bet placed. Equalizing the number of bettors choosing either basketball odds is a plus for the sportsbook maker.

Basketball Betting Tips To Win

There are two kinds of players, rookies, and professionals. However, no matter how knowledgeable we are in basketball, betting tips still come in handy. Basketball betting tips are available on credible sites from experts who have tried and tested different strategies.

Understanding the Market and Betting Line

Undoubtedly, bettors have to understand the odds to increase the winning chances. Different bookmakers provide odds based on their research and current trends. Go for the best offers. Never back teams with nothing to offer.

Managing the Bankroll

Betting without planning leads to a loss of money without any returns. Proficient bettors have a sound bankroll management system.

Responsible betting is the best way to control your bankroll. Also, have an outline of the lucrative games and do adequate research about them. Strategic bet placement is the only way to make good money.

Avoiding Emotional Betting

Being a sports fan often comes with a flurry of emotions because of the love for the game. However, when it comes to basketball betting, it’s better to put feelings aside.

Emotions come into play during wins and losses. Just because a bet earns a lot of money doesn’t mean we should go all in. Properly evaluating the game is necessary because betting could go either way.

Basketball Betting Lines

In basketball, there are many betting lines. However, rookies need not worry about understanding how everything goes.

The most popular basketball betting line is the Money Line bet. With this bet, bettors choose a winning side. In a Money Line bet, we are lucky to have overtime included. This means that no matter what happens, there is an outcome for everyone who placed a bet.

The Money Line bet is straightforward. It mostly favors new players. However, if you’re used to the betting sphere and need a little more excitement, then the Point Spread is perfect.

There are more betting lines out there for us to choose from. Remember, knowledge of the game prevents bettors from making decisions that will cost them money.

Clueless bettors must stick to general odds and lines that don’t need in-depth information about basketball. However, gives us all an equal opportunity to make money while enjoying our favorite basketball game.


Like in other sports, bettors have to follow specific strategies to increase the chances of making money in basketball betting. Apart from that, betting tricks and tips are available online. Indeed, some sites are out to exploit money from unsuspecting individuals. Beware of them!

Nonetheless, credible and qualified betting sites are more than enough. We need to look critically and ask the right questions. Ready to bet on basketball and be successful? Try out some of the best betting sites and avoid unnecessary losses.



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