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Online Baseball Betting at Fairplay

Baseball has a great fan base in Canada and the United States. However, today the game has gained popularity and become a global phenomenon. Online baseball betting has some of the longest leagues, making it an excellent game to bet on. In addition, there are thousands of games played throughout the year, offering more betting opportunities. So, you can cash out huge payouts if you place a bet and have your team win. But before betting on baseball match, there are things you need to learn about placing a bet on baseball games.

Types of Baseball Betting

There are several ways you can place your bet in baseball betting. It includes the following:

Money Line

It's a bet where a wager is placed on the on-paper outcome of the game. For balancing the pitcher's skill level on the mound, teams are given different odds and probabilities. This helps you gauge which game has the highest chance to win the game.

Run Line

Games between uneven teams have odds extremes, so many online baseball betting sites offer a run line for bettors to consider. This line flips or evens out the odds. The usual line is 1.5, but it can be anything, especially in live baseball betting.


This form gives the bettors a chance to predict the combined total score of the two teams in the game. The line set by oddsmakers is accountable for prior matchups of the two teams. It includes the lineup each team sends out to the field and the starting pitchers. The over /under can be a complete number or number with five attached. The baseball gambling odds on the over /under are affected by the number of people betting on each.

Props up

Prop bets are the most fun but also very risky wagers for a bettor to place. The baseball online betting can be player-based or other factors of the game. These bets are common in big games like the world series and opening day.


Parlay refers to when 2 or more bets are made together with the same ticket. They can be a combination of different baseball betting in a game. For example, wagerers can parlay the Mets winning and the under or bet Mets money line. These bets have a higher payout than straight or regular bets; however, the risk is also greater.

Tips and Odds For Baseball Betting

Baseball Betting Odds

You can get into baseball betting with a favorite player or team. It can also be that your first baseball bet will be based on the best odds available. But with Fairplay getting the best odds is easy, especially with our baseball markets.

We offer favorite prices and adjust them every time to give you some of the best odds in the market. This is because many bettors keep checking our site, following the happenings in the baseball arena, and looking at our prices to compare them with leading sportsbooks in the industry. It means that the Fairplay club will always offer you fantastic odds.

The fantastic odds apply in pre-game and in-play baseball bets. In pre-game, you predict the game's happenings before any action has taken place. However, with in-play, you can follow up on the action of the match, see how the game is going, and then pick and bet on what you think will happen next.

In Fairplay, our in-play is live and goes for up to a minute, moving with the nature of the game's flow. We also have multiple accumulators in our baseball bats. You can sum a multiple of your choice. Your odds increase the more selections you make, allowing a considerable payout.

Baseball Betting Tips

You need betting tips in sports betting, and baseball is not exceptional. So don't go just anywhere to look for professional views and knowledge about baseball; here at Fairplay app, we have got you covered.

Our Fairplay blog, website, and insider gives you the best baseball betting tips, analysis, game reviews, and comments. We do this to ensure you have the best betting tips to help you place the wagers correctly to win bigger payouts.

Bet Against the Public

For years, we have insisted on the value of betting against the public. Bettors mostly want to bet on favorites, home teams, teams with star players, and popular franchises. Bettors also rely on the recent bias. They would bet on a team gauging their last performance. If they win, they will place that wager but ditch the team or franchise if they lose. We, as Fairplay, go contrary to that and capitalize on the public bias and take advantage and artificially inflate the numbers. In addition, we place ourselves on the side of the book as we know the house always wins.

Keep Off Big Favorites

Sports oddsmakers know that bettors in baseball love to take favorites as they believe they will always win. So, we usually capitalize on the public bias and shade their lines accordingly for our benefit. Unfortunately, it means all the big names in baseball teams will be overhyped because bettors will place wagers on them regardless. When the big teams win, your payout is small, but when they lose, you get crushed. Therefore before placing a wager, keep in mind this tip as it can be helpful when the stake is concerned.

Follow Reverse Line Movement

Baseball is more than keeping off the favorites and betting against the public. You need to also be on the intelligent side of the game. The best way to get smart is to follow the reverse line movement when the betting line shifts in the opposite direction of the betting percentages.

Take Advantage of Plus-Money Underdogs

To make money in sports betting, bettors must win a certain percentage to break even. However, if our bettors avoid favorites and focus on taking plus money underdogs, they get to win more. The beauty of it is when the underdogs lose you only lose what you risked. However, if they win, you win big.



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