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Fairplay: Live Esports Betting

The world is a long way from the crowded betting halls on horse-racing tracks or the exclusive casinos reserved for the poised. The laws around betting in India vary in different states, and because of this, gambling dens in legal states have grown in recent decades to accommodate crowds. Then came the internet and online betting disrupted the entire gambling industry. Most recently esports betting entered the gaming scenario. This is an industry that’s growing exponentially in India.

An esports player goes beyond casual gaming, practicing strategy and winning tactics for individual and team competitions. Esports betting apps and platforms allow you to place a bet on any esports games happening in real-time or scheduled in any part of the world. You can simultaneously keep up with your favorite esports team and the UEFA Champions League and place bets even as they head into their leagues. Modern technology has brought everything right to the user so much so that you could get on the FairPlay site and place your wager while you wait at the supermarket check-out line!

The thrill of any sport is being surrounded by a multitude of fans sharing this experience. Esports live betting is a force with interactive communities, live stream statistics and chats, and social media platforms. It is as though the betting location, with its excitement and noise, evolved from brick and mortar dens to an online presence.

A good platform will offer a vast range of games available for betting, from football to rugby, all the way to mixed martial arts and esports gaming bets. Within each sport are numerous leagues, and it would be insufficient for a site to avail of the English Premier League but deny the chance to bet on the FIFA World Cup, for example. Cricket is a very popular sport in India, but an excellent esports betting sites will offer betting odds even for indigenous games like Andar Bahar .

Fairplay Esports Betting Odds

Online betting is a means to earn extra income that could result in large winnings when strategically planned and executed. Esports betting offers the potential for sizable winnings, but you must know the betting rules and how the odds work.

A good bookmaker should give the best odds in the market. While you can trust that the bookmakers at FairPlay have done their homework and supply the fairest odds, compare with other bookies to confirm that you are on the right site.

Odds are often indicated as decimals but can also be fractions. The greater the odds (indicated by a higher decimal), the higher the potential payout if you win. However, the team with the higher odds is less likely to emerge victoriously, so betting on them is not necessarily the best choice. Rather, it is a high-risk, high-reward strategy.

A brief example of how the odds work:

Suppose you place a $20 bet on team Dignitas to win the global loot league in PUBG at odds of 3.0. The Dignitas team does indeed win as predicted. The total winnings will be $60, and the payout will be this minus the bookmaker's commission.

Bet On Esports Tournaments

Dota 2-The International (TI)

Dota 2 takes place once a year, usually in August. It is popular because it offers some of the most considerable prizes in all esports. In 2014, for instance, the total prize pool was $10 million, the highest esports tournament pool at the time.

The contest occurs over ten days where 18 of the world's most powerful Dota 2 teams battle through the round-robin group stage before the final 16 fight for victory in a double-elimination format. Due to the duration of this tournament, it is possible to have many esports odds from the absolute winner to individual match winners and in-game events.

League of legends

The League of Legends is the most followed esport in the industry, contributing to its high production value and massive player base. The tournament occurs annually and lasts seven weeks. Teams compete against each other for a share in the prize pool. In addition, the esport interacts with hundreds of thousands of fans across the world on the betting apps, offering numerous opportunities to be part of the winners.

Counter Strikes

Unlike the other esport games, Counter-Strike occurs in 3 stages over two and a half weeks. It starts with 24 teams that are eliminated to get the last eight teams that compete for the first three positions.

Tips To Win On Esports Betting

Start small

Aim for the low-hanging fruits and play to learn first, not win. This way, the strategies on small wagers will translate into larger bets while avoiding rookie mistakes like greed. Place many small bets and build an experience that will translate into more significant chances of winning in future stakes.

Do the homework

Some of the most successful esport betting players put in a lot of time for research. Take time to understand the game you are investing in to avoid blind moves and take calculated steps. While winning from esports live bets involves a deal of luck as no one can accurately predict the outcomes, strategic bets are more likely to make money in the long run than random lucky guesses.

Play it safe

It is best to play it safe and make steady returns than risk all your money for big odds that may end up failing. Nevertheless, the thrill of esports betting will sometimes tempt you into making bold moves. This is part of the fun and is great if it is within the budget.

Bet on Esports with Fairplay

With so many esports betting sites around, it’s not easy to make a choice. And here’s why we believe Fairplay will bring you the best experience The system is revolutionary, allowing the fullness of sportsmanship as you bet against other players, not the house, increasing the chances of winning.

Fairplay provides a wide range of games such as sportsbooks, online casinos, live card games, and esports live betting, all in one platform. After completing the sign-up, a new player enjoys perks like 100% cashback on the first deposit. In addition, existing players get referral bonuses for inviting friends, while regular players get loyalty cards.

Payment is a critical element of every esports betting app, and the best site will offer multiple payment options. Fairplay allows betting using INR, international cards, and even cryptocurrency. The deposit system is seamless with minimal charges, and withdrawal is similarly efficient.


Are you ready to make some money and have some fun at the same time? Join FairPlay now and start betting on your favorite esports team.



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