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Play Poker Games Online with FairPlay

Poker games are the most popular online pastimes card game provided on the internet. Various poker games are played globally and have gained popularity over the years. Since the emergence of live poker, a couple of variants have gained more popularity than others. Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker, 2 Hand Casino Hold’em, Caribbean Stud Poker, Casino Hold’em, Triple card poker, and super Andar bahar are the top variants widely played worldwide.

However, if you have to choose any one variation of live poker, Texas Hold’em Poker ranks higher in terms of popularity. Due to its simpler rule, it is convenient for the software to display the odds to the player. With just two hole cards, the game is fair enough for beginners to wrap their heads around and catch up with the gameplay. Let’s dig deep into FairPlay’s online play poker for real money game, including the available variants of poker on the website and FairPlay’s mobile application.

  • Briefing on the history and origins of the poker
  • Describing the legal aspects to play poker online
  • Go through online poker variants which you can play on FairPlay’s live casino
  • Outline the basic rules of the poker hand examples and tell about the rankings
  • Describing the main features of poker and highlighting the different types of poker
  • Introducing the importance and strategies of online poker
  • Giving tips on how to play online including common mistakes and professional player’s advice

Online poker in India is subject to local Indian state laws. States like Telangana, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh have strict laws against playing and gambling on their territory. Generally, the law states that Indian gambling providers are restricted from offering poker sites while foreign gambling sites can provide poker rooms.

FairPlay is one of the best online poker sites and a reliable licensed platform where you can play poker game online and also play a real money game by participating in tournaments and be confident about your odds of winning. Explore tons of cash tournaments and games, and you can connect with our support team in case of any queries without any hesitation.

How To Play Poker Online?

Expand your online experience and play poker game online on several tables at a time, as an online poker game offers a tremendous opportunity to increase your winning chances. The benefits of playing poker online include the simplicity of conduct, security of the payouts and games, and confidentiality.

For instance, Texas hold'em is highly convenient and simple to play with the flop, turn, and river bets round managed by player' buttons and screen' dealer. During any round of betting, the user gets an option to decide whether to make an initial bet, meet the previous bet, increase it or fold. The deposit of the user is protected securely, and the winning payouts are made on the go.

Online Poker Game Variations

If you are a newbie, you can learn to play poker game online by checking out the type of game available on poker websites. But if you are an experienced player, it won't be superfluous to remember the rules to play poker.

Texas Hold’em Poker: - Each player is dealt with two “hole cards” face down, and then five community cards are dealt face up in three different steps.

  • River- 1 card
  • Turn-1 card
  • Flop- 3 cards

The user’s ultimate goal is to make the best 5-card combination with 2-cards in hand and five cards dealt with the user. A round of betting follows each step of the poker game.

Casino Hold’em Poker:: - The user plays poker against the house with an option of playing two hands in a single game. The dealer deals with the user with two cards face up. The dealer draws three community cards face up. The remaining cards will be dealt, and the user will win if the cards are more substantial than the dealers. While looking at the cards, you can decide on options:

  • Giving up your ante by folding
  • Call the bet usually by doubling the Ante bet

Caribbean Stud Poker: - The user plays online with five cards against the house. Starting from a high card to a royal flush, hands rank. There are no draws or bluffing during the game. The user is placing an ante, and the dealer:

  • Deals with face cards face down
  • To take a five-card hand for himself
  • To place one of them face-up

Next, the player needs to look and decide on the options, thereby giving the ante by folding and playing while placing a bet.

2 Hand Casino Hold’em: - The ante bet is required as the user plays a poker game against the house. The dealer deals two cards face down. The user, at the same time, deals with two cards facing down. The dealer additionally deals with three cards. At this point, the user must have five cards. Take a sneak peek at them and decide the options:

  • Folding with no further play by losing the Ante bet
  • Making a call bet during the Ante bet

The ultimate goal is to make the five best cards from your own personal cards and five board cards, thereby beating the dealer’s hand. Each of the player’s hands matches against the dealers.

Basic Poker Game Rules

The basic rules of playing poker game online are as follows:

  • The players place initial bets on the pool or the bet, but this rule has an exception with Texas Holdem.
  • Describing the legal aspects to play poker onlineThe Dealers deals cards to the players.
  • Initially, the first player decides on raising and matching the starting bet or fold.
  • The following players either bet or fold by dropping their cards, thereby losing any bets placed so far.
  • A player without a fold is termed “active”, and when the active players have placed equal bets, the betting round is completed.
  • Depending on the type of poker game, the additional cards may be dealt, or the players may have exchanged the cards with new rounds of betting to follow.
  • There is a showdown when all the 52 cards are out, and the last round of betting ends.
  • All the active players need to show their cards.
  • The owner of the five-card hand wins by taking the pot, and if at any point only a single active player remains, the player wins, thereby taking the pool.

There are two major ways to win poker online:

  • Having the best hand at the showdown
  • Persuading all other players to fold

Poker hands forming a hierarchy is termed ranking. Based on the poker hands ranking, the user can examine which hand could beat the other hand. Learn more about strategies for playing poker online:

To ensure systematic and persistent progress in the game, it is best to discover your own poker-playing tactics and stick to them. Advanced poker playing strategy provides guidelines to the player for the game situations. Most of the poker strategies for different online games are well-developed strategies that are beneficial to learn.

Online Poker Games Tips

Here are some of the common mistakes while playing poker games:

  • Playing too loose: The players play too many hands and are afraid of folding, although having some weak hands.
  • Playing too tight: Tight playing has many advantages against loose players; however, tightening makes the player an easy opponent to play against. It lets you miss some of the winning opportunities.
  • Being too fixed in your strategy: At different points, poker is a dynamic game requiring several strategies to win. It is recommended not to stick to a typical well-known strategy; instead, apply your own approach skillfully.
  • Failing to have a plan of action: More often, in online poker, the player takes action in hand without thinking about the next step, with no future venues or plan. This could bring your local poker online tactics to win but may later put you in trouble.

Here are some of the tips for beginners to play poker games online:

  • Think in ranges: Put your opponent on a range rather than putting him on a hand. By setting a range of heads and then analyzing the results, the player may lessen the winning chances of the opponent.
  • Apply bankroll management: Engage intuition and make folds/calls according to your instincts, and at the same time, you can strategize your poker plan according to your strategy.
  • Trust your guts but don’t rely on them: At different points, poker is a dynamic game requiring several strategies to win. It is recommended not to stick to a typical well-known strategy; instead, apply your own approach skillfully.
  • Play responsibly: Always ensure that you are in accordance with your budget.

We hope you will experience the real gaming excitement of playing poker online on our website and FairPlay’s mobile application. The online games give you an amazing opportunity to employ minds, intuition, and strategic abilities. Additionally, it provides a chance to try real money gaming and improve your financial situation by playing poker online and in different tournaments.

Now that you know everything about online poker gambling, you can play poker on one of the best online betting sites in India: FairPlay!



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