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Play Casino Dice Games – FairPlay

A small cubic object with a different number of spots (1-6) on each side is referred to as a ‘dice’. Games with dice as their sole element are called “Dice games”. These casino dice games have gained significant popularity amongst people all around the world. The cube-shaped object with six sides was invented in China around 600 B.C. Earlier, a dice was used for a different purpose, i.e. for fortune-telling, just like how tarot card reading makes use of cards to predict lives. Later the purpose of dice transitioned to casino games.

The benefit of online dice games is that it provides a thrilling live experience similar to the one in a real casino. Beginners may find dice games a bit tricky at first because these dice games are very fast-paced, and one needs to be aware of the different betting types in these games. Fairplay is an online betting app that provides users with an opportunity to play live casino games like dice games, cricket, and tennis, along with some beneficial betting tips.

FairPlay offers an opportunity for users to play two different variations of dice games online.

  • Lightning Dice - Lightning dice is a three-dice game where you have to bet on the total(3-18). In each round, lucky totals are struck by lightning for multipliers up to 1000x
  • Sic bo - A three dice game in which you as a player get a chance to bet on various outcomes, but in each round, there is a chance for special ‘super’ pay of up to 888x

Variations And Their Benefits

The two variations of dice games that we are going to focus on are lightning dice and super sic bo. These two variations are available on India’s most popular and trusted online betting sites’ Fairplay.

  • Lightning dice - Lightning dice is one of the most exciting casino dice games online that allows betting on the outcome of three dice. This game aims to roll the three dice and then predict the result of the three dice. For example, if you bet on the number 14 and the outcome of three dice is also 14, then you will receive 10x your stake. Before the dice are rolled, you can see the game offers you up to 1000x multipliers that can be added to your stake. A live dealer guides you through the game and rolls out the dice for you.
  • Super Sic Bo - Super sic bo is similar to the lightning casino dice game. The similarity is the existence of dice betting and a fixed stake value. The only significant difference is the availability of random multipliers that can land on your bets and further increase your odds of winning. You can earn tons of extra money due to these random multipliers.

Benefits Of Lightning Dice And Super Sic Bo

  • Great visual quality - The visuals are very attractive and give a feeling of a live casino experience. We aim for a professional setup with well-experienced, and well-spoken hosts. Live dramatic music also provides a real-life experience to the players. The quality makes you feel involved in the game rather than being just a spectator.
  • Live dealer - The live dealer is experienced and camera friendly. You will feel welcomed during the game.
  • Mobile friendly - The game is designed in a way that is not just limited to a desktop experience but also a mobile-friendly experience. Especially today, mobiles are used the most by people across the world.

How To Play The Lightning Dice Game Online

Lightning dice is a popular live casino dice game that is focused on the idea of betting on the outcome of three dice. You have to bet on the total(3-18). In each round, lucky totals are struck by lightning for multipliers up to 1000x. Example- If you bet on the number 18, there is a fixed value for betting on that particular number. If, after the rolling of three dice, the outcome is 18, you as a player will receive 150x your stake. The dice game offers up to 1000x your stake and is one of the most exciting games online. It is that one game where you get many chances as a player to win big and earn a lot of money.

How To Play Super Sic Bo Dice Game Online

Super sic bo is a casino dice game that is also focused on the idea of betting on the outcome of three dice. But the speciality of super sic is that random multipliers are added to any of the betting spots on board for every round. While the dice are still being rolled, multipliers are added live, thus making the game very exciting for the players.

The three dice are enclosed in a glass case in super sic bo. There is a live dealer that rolls the dice, and once the dice come to rest, the winning numbers are announced. As mentioned earlier, random multipliers can land anywhere from zero to several betting spots. In addition, the range of multipliers can be from 10x to 1000x. Thus, super sic bo gives a tremendous boost to the players.

The most significant advantage of super sic bo is that the random multipliers are like a lottery. If those multipliers land on your bets, then you can receive an extra amount of points. And if they do not land on your bets, there is still nothing to lose. You will still receive the amount you were supposed to as per the value decided.

Casino Dice Games Tips

Though the casino dice games are based on chances, if you keep specific strategies in mind, it will increase your chances of winning. Here are some of the tips to keep in mind before beginning the game.

Placing Bets On Most Probable Outcomes

There are some high probability numbers like 8,9,10,11,12, and 13, which have high chances of appearing. This is because there are several winning combinations for these dice sums. For example for the number 8 - 2+4+2, 5+2+1, 3+3+2

Always Bet On Numbers 3 And 18 During The Dice Games Onlines

The probability of these numbers appearing might be low during the game but highly rewarding for you. That is because these two numbers are the highest paying numbers. If you get these two numbers in your casino dice, you will receive 150x your stakes.

Keep A Check On Previous Winning Numbers

Always check previous winning numbers so you have an idea of what to bet on next time. Because sometimes high probability numbers disappoint the most. Be smart about your choices as you are dealing with real money here.

Take Bigger Risks While Playing Dice Games

If you like taking risks, you can place your bets on the highest paying numbers for more chances of winning these dice games. 3,4,17,18 are those numbers that are highly rewarding for you.

These are the various tips you can follow and execute while playing dice games online to improve your odds of winning the game. Although nothing can guarantee your chances of winning, these tips will definitely position you in a better place than others. Also, you need to keep updating your skills and using these tricks consistently for a better outcome.



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