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What is Deal or no Deal?

Deal or no Deal game is a live casino game based on the American game show by the same name. This live game has a qualifying round as a first step to winning over. In the qualifying round, players have to spin a three-reel bank vault. Each spin that the player takes determines and sets the amount of money in the briefcase. You can increase your win to 50x once you qualify for the first round and enter the prize top-up round. The numbers 1 to 16 are placed individually and randomly in the 16 briefcases.

Once these steps are completed, you move to the live game, where there is a live host for the game. The live online game is visually designed to give you a rich, thrilling experience similar to the American TV game show. In the game, the contestant is provided with 16 enclosed briefcases.

The numbers 1 to 16 are placed individually and randomly in the 16 briefcases, each briefcase has a varied amount of cash. The deal or no deal game involves a very important component, i.e. the banker. The banker offers an amount of cash in exchange for what might be inside the contestant’s briefcase. The host will then ask the contestant whether he/she wants to accept the banker’s offer or not. Deal or no deal?

How To Play A Deal Or No Deal Casino Game?

Unlike other live casino games, in fairplay deal or no deal game, the participants get an opportunity to make decisions at various game stages. Therefore, you have to be alert and informed throughout the game to make critical decisions for winning the game.

The following are the different steps involved in the Deal or no deal online game:

  • Qualification round - Deal or no deal online game involves getting qualified for the game first before you get in the game. Other games do not require a qualification round, but you have to pass the first round in Deal or no deal game. The contestant has to spin the vault wheel and adjust or spin the wheel in a way that will result in lined-up gold bars. The gold bars are essential to unlock the vault.
  • Boosting briefcases - To boost your briefcase, you have to choose a briefcase and a betting sum. This increases the amount of your selected briefcase. Once the amount of your briefcase is boosted, you have to spin the wheel to view the sum added to your chosen briefcase.
  • Choosing to deal or not deal - The briefcases are opened up to reveal the numbers inside them. When a particular briefcase is revealed, and a number is announced, all the other briefcases with identical numbers are disqualified from the game. The main purpose of this deal or no deal game is to either accept the offer by the banker or earn the sum of money placed in the final briefcase. When the last few briefcases are left, the banker makes a final offer.

Rules Of Deal Or No Deal Live Dealer Casino Games:

Deal or no deal game is an online live game involving luck and chance. Although if you keep the basic rules in mind, it will help to increase your chances of winning. The game does not require many rules to keep in mind since it is a fun, exciting online game derived from the American tv game. But there are a few important rules that can either make or break your game.

Following are the basic rules a participant has to keep in mind when starting to play the deal or no deal online game.

  • Passing the qualification round - Unlike other live games, this game has a capability round to pass. If you only pass the game appropriately, you are qualified for round 2. For qualifying the round, you need gold bars to unlock the vault.
  • Choosing betting sum correctly - If you select the betting sum correctly, you can boost the briefcase, which is an essential element in a deal or no deal online game.
  • Deciding whether to deal or no deal - This is an important decision made by the contestant as it determines the chances of winning for the participant. The banker offers an amount of cash in exchange for the amount that is inside the briefcase. Here, the decision of the participant is very crucial whether he wants to deal or no deal.

Game Strategies Of Deal Or No Deal Game

There are specific strategies you can use for your benefit to master the game. Even though these strategies cannot guarantee winning because of the luck factor involved, implementing these strategies will improve your game and give you an edge over your competitors.

Try to qualify at the lowest stake possible - The qualification is random and based on luck, so you will probably pass it in the first few tries. To make sure that you do not spend too much on the qualifying round and make it unnecessarily costly, try to lower the stake as much as you can so that you can save for the top-up round.

  • Banker’s offer - You need to be smart about the deal or no deal option. If the amount offered by the banker is twice the value of your bet, make sure you accept the offer.
  • Be alert - When you are playing the first few rounds, you should make a note of the betting sum and amount you add to the briefcase. If you mix up or forget these values, you will not be able to decide whether you want to deal or not deal after the banker’s offer.
  • Play the top-up round to boost earning - If you want to boost up and increase your payout, make sure that you play the top-up round.
  • Try to level up the value of your briefcases - You have a good chance to level up the value of your briefcases. The more value your briefcases have, the better the chances of getting an offer from the banker.
  • Choose 3 to 4 briefcases - If you choose only one briefcase and if the briefcase gets opened before the last round, you will end up with briefcases that have low values. Hence it is better if you top up 3 to 4 briefcases and improve your chances of getting an offer from the banker.
  • Quit when you have achieved your payout goal - Being too risky won’t help you survive in this game. While it is great to be ambitious, what is more, important is that you don’t lose your hard-earned money. Try to have a payout goal in mind and stop playing as soon as you reach that goal.

Play Live Casino Games To Win Big

If you are looking for an exhilarating live casino game experience, Fairplay offers a Deal or no Deal application. This casino game provides you with an opportunity to deal with real dealers and real scenarios similar to the TV show. Take a seat at your preferred table and face the banker head-on.



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