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What is Teen Patti Game?

Teen Patti is one of the most popular Indian card games today. It is a traditional Indian game with some similarities to poker. Teen Patti is also called 'flash' or 'flush'' in some parts of the world. The reason why people find this game exciting is that it is just 3-card poker. This popular gambling game originated in India and is derived from the Hindi language. In Hindi, 'Teen Patti' means three cards.

This game has existed throughout the 20th century and has been enjoyed by Indian families during festivals and get-togethers. Teen Patti has become one of the most popular games today in Southeast Asia. FairPlay provides an opportunity to play Teen Patti online for real money.

Play Live Teen Patti Online

You can now play the online Teen Patti game on India's most trusted betting site, 'FairPlay'. It gives you an online live teen Patti experience that is as thrilling as the in-club experience. You can earn real money by playing Teen Patti online. Moreover, you get a chance to deal with dealers and no other players on the website. Teen Patti live is similar to three-card poker in which players bet against the house instead of each other.

In the Teen Patti live game, players must place their bets, followed by the dealers dealing with the cards. After the player is betting, the dealer starts dealing with the player's cards. A total of three cards are available in the game. The player's cards can be seen as placed on the screen. Once you know your card, the next step is to choose whether you want to fold or play. If you decide to play, you have to place another bet which will be double the initial amount of the bet. The dealer, in the end, will show his cards, and the player with better cards will be announced as the winner.

How To Bet On Teen Patti Game?

Unlike Teen Patti online, where you get an opportunity to deal with a dealer, in Teen Patti betting online, you have the task of betting on any one player in the game. The user must predict and bet on a player with better cards. Each player pays a certain amount in this game. The most significant advantage of winning the bet is that if you bet correctly, then you earn double your stake. The betting in the Teen Patti live game includes five major aspects

Playing seen - When players get a chance to see their cards and then decide whether to bet or not accordingly.

Playing blind - A player can choose this option, but it is a risk that can either work for the player or backfire. Playing blind implies that the player has decided not to view his cards before beginning the match.

Sideshow move - When the player views his cards and decides to bet accordingly, the other players have an option to request the sideshow move. The player chooses to reject or accept the request.

Tie - A tie is announced when the last two players decide that they don't want to show the cards, nor do they want to pack the game.

Show - At the end, when there are only two players left, one of the players can request to show the cards. But the other player has an option to reject the show move and instead double the stake amount and bet four times the value of the current stake.

How To Play Online Teen Patti Game?

Teen Patti's live game has been influenced by poker in many ways. It requires 2-6 players to start the game. The gambling game uses a 52-card pack and excludes the joker. The first step is to place a bet similar to the poker games. The players have to decide the initial amount of betting. Then, the fixed amount is placed as a wager by each player.

After the first step, three cards face down are dealt to each player. The entire amount is collected in the middle of the table and is referred to as the ‘pot’. If you want to continue the game, you as a player can choose to fold. If you want to bet, you need to match your initial betting. The dealer will turn over their cards after that and whichever player has the best card wins the game.


Teenpatti is a gambling game that requires a certain set of skills to play. Often referred to as flash, it is a twist on 3-card poker.

Ranking of the hands:

The highest rank belongs to aces, and 2's are the lowest. The game's objective is to have the best 3-card hand and to maximise the pot before the showdown. The classifications are ranked as below (from high to low):

Trail: Trail refers to three cards that have the same rank. The highest rank is the three aces and the lowest rank is the three 2’s.

Pure Sequence: When three consecutive belong to the same suit, it is termed a pure sequence. It is also known as a straight flush.

Sequence (Straight): When three consecutive cards are not from the same suit, it is known as a straight sequence.

Color (Flush): Three cards from the same suit are not in order, according to the colour flush. Compare the highest card first when contrasting two colours. Then Compare the second, and if they are the same, determine the lowest. A-K-J is the highest flush, and 5-3-2 is the lowest.

Pair: This is 2 cards with the same rank in a pair. The team with the greater value between any two is the winner. If the pairings are equal in value, the winner is determined by the kicker card. The highest and lowest pairs are A-A-K and 2-2-3, respectively.

High Card: A hand where none of the three cards is consecutive, all the same suit, or have the same rank. If a typical high card is shared by two players, the winner is determined by the next highest card. An AKJ of various suits would be the best high card hand, and 5-3-2 would be the worst.

Top 5 Best Teen Patti Tips Everyone Player Can Use:

For Playing Teen Patti: Start with the small bet - It is important to be practical and spend a small amount on the initial bet. You will get many chances in one session, so saving your chances of winning is better.

Don’t be too expressive: If you have similar game patterns, your fellow players will quickly gauge the kind of cards you have. So do not bet immediately if you have good live cards, and fold immediately if you have bad ones.

Don’t be afraid to lose: You cannot win every game. So do not think that winning every match is important to becoming a professional player. More importantly, you make good money out of it rather than winning every match.

Practice makes perfect : To excel at anything, one must work supremely hard. Similarly, in the Teen Patti live game, you have to play a certain number of rounds to gain expertise and experience.

Tricks On How To Win Teen Patti Online Game:

Think of a small win: If you play Teen Patti live for a long time, you can gain control over the situation. Start with a small initial amount of betting and as you keep playing more rounds, try to raise your bankroll. You need to protect your bankroll and ensure you increase the betting amount only after a certain number of rounds.

Practice, practice, and more practice: Practice makes a man perfect. This saying applies to every single aspect of life. Even for Teen Patti online, you need to gain the skills required to excel in the game.

Keep your bankroll under control: If you manage your bankroll well, you are good to go. You can play for longer rounds if you have a good bankroll. Do not go overboard with initial betting; try to be innovative and try to set aside some amount from your total winnings.

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Make the most of exciting offers ever so often on Fairplay! Watch out for various bonus offers and exciting contests!


Make the most of exciting offers ever so often on Fairplay! Watch out for various bonus offers and exciting contests!

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